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This is the list of PLR items that begin with a number

  What is PLR? ---> Click Here and scroll down to the Private Label Rights explaination.

There should be 78 items in this list and the price for all of these is $39 if you want to just get a download page and download each one separately yourself. If you want these resell PLR items mailed to you on a flash drive then the price is $78. That's only $1 per item that you can resell according to the information that comes with each product, and you get to keep & use the flash drive.
Or, you can join IndigitalWorks and download over 12,000 resell & personal use products.

  1. 2GraphicsPackages
  2. 3BlogThemes
  3. 3BlogThemes10609
  4. 3HTMLTemplates10609
  5. 3PLRBooks
  6. 3PLRInterviews
  7. 4PLRPack
  8. 4VidSqeezeTemplates
  9. 5BlogThemes1109
  10. 5BlogThemes1209
  11. 5HTMLTemplates
  12. 5HTMLTemplates1109
  13. 5HTMLTemplates1209
  14. 5LarryDotsonPLR
  15. 5OTOTemplates
  16. 5StepsToOnlineDatingSuccess
  17. 5VidSqeezeTemplates
  18. 5WebsiteThemes608_V4
  19. 5WordpressBusinessThemes
  20. 6FreeTrafficMethods
  21. 6PrinciplesTo6PackAbs
  22. 7CommonMistakesInAffiliateMarketing_2007
  23. 7DaysToEasyMoneyGetPaidToWriteABook_2008
  24. 7FigureCode
  25. 7InfamousResellRightsQuestionsAnswered_2008
  26. 7Keys2BodyTransformation
  27. 7WebsiteScripts
  28. 8HypnosisTracks
  29. 8InternetMarketingScripts
  30. 8WordpressThemes
  31. 10DigitalPublishingTips_2012
  32. 10MostCommonE-zinePublishingMistakes_2007
  33. 10WaysToWriteMoreEffectiveAds_2008
  34. 12SpecialReportsPLR
  35. 12WinningLeadershipQualities
  36. 15DayResellRightsSuccess_plr
  37. 15NewGuranteeGraphics
  38. 15TwitterTemplates
  39. 17PLRPack
  40. 20ImportantUsesOfPLRRightsMaterial
  41. 24HeaderGraphics
  42. 30MaximumConversionRateTips
  43. 36PotentFoods_2006
  44. 40PLRWordpressThemes
  45. 43NicheWebsitePackage
  46. 50ProBizSet1
  47. 50ProBizSet2
  48. 50ProBizSet3
  49. 50ProBizSet4
  50. 50ProBizSet5
  51. 50WordpressThemes
  52. 52PLRArticles
  53. 53MusicLoops
  54. 55ClickbankReviewArticles_2009
  55. 70AudioTracks
  56. 100BowlingTips
  57. 100CoverLetterTips
  58. 100DogTrainingTips
  59. 100DollarsIn24Hours
  60. 100EnergySavingTips
  61. 100ExerciseTips
  62. 100FirstDateTips
  63. 100FlirtingTips
  64. 100GettingPregnantTips
  65. 100HairGrowthTips
  66. 100LawnCareTips
  67. 100PLRGraphicsCollection
  68. 101PowerfulTipsImproveCreditScore
  69. 101TipsToSellingHome_2006
  70. 101TransparentBizImages
  71. 112WordpressThemes
  72. 131IcecreamMakerRecipes
  73. 175PLRWebsiteGraphics
  74. 200ProblemSolvingTips
  75. 242PLRArticles
  76. 300Recipes4TheGrill
  77. 334MouthWateringCandyRecipes
  78. 470CrockPotRecipes

Please be aware that there is no Money Back Guarantee with either of these deals. These products would usually sell for more than $30 separately because of the PLR rights. So, if you figure someone could buy this package, get all the products, ask for a refund and then turn around and sell these things on their own, instead of deleting them. They would make money of free PLR items that I couldn't prove they didn't buy somewhere else. Be sure you really want these products before you buy. I'm sure you can do a search on titles and put private label rights in the search with the title and you should find other sites selling these items. Example: 2Checkout ezyCash private label rights Click Here to see Google results.

Order the download only deal for $39
Order the zip files on flash drive deal for $78

Also, just in case you want to resell these products with your own "rights" and make a version for just the product personal use, one for resale rights, one for master resale rights and one for private label rights - I have found that some people will sell these for $7 for personal use, $17 with resale rights, $27 with master resale rights & $37 with private label rights, which might make it easy to use some of the price badge images I've seen and have. Yes you can sell most of these products that way, if you make separate payment buttons for each type of rights, and then point the button to the right download page for the customer. I would suggest making an easy system and using something like Paylock Generator to make your paypal buttons like I have done on this page and on the page to sell the Paylock Generator Program.

I reserve the right to limit these deals on this page and please allow 8 - 12 weeks for shipping on the flash drive deal but it should be a lot faster than that depending on mail service.


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